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We developed this software for a small electronic repair shop. They loved it and we think you will too. Unlike other products in the market there are no monthly limits, and no ridiculous pricing. It's also not weighed down by all the features you don't need to run a small repair shop.

The free version is all you might need to run your repair business.

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Our users

We love our repair community as they find innovative ways to use our product. It started out as a basic way to be in compliance with local Consumer Protection Laws but it has grown to be so much more.

Video game console repair

Repair booking sets expectations and happy customer experience

Repair shops can print an estimate for the customers to sign and acknowleging the repair terms.

The information is stored forever and can be quickly retrieved.

Mobile phone kiosk

Less typing so you can do more work.

Maintaine a list of common equipment manufacturers and common repairs. Our type-ahead system will make intaking a breeze.

Computer and electronics repair

Communication is the key to customer rentention

Manage your customer database to keep them updated on their repairs and upgrades.

Being proactive can increase future sales.

Free YouTube Series

SystemRepairStatus Youtube Series

Follow along as we demonstrate the features, tips, and tricks to using SystemRepairStatus. We are always building our video library to help our users get the most out of the software. Let us know in the comments if there is a video you like us to create.

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Everyone deserves a break

It's been a tough year for everyone but especially for the small business and the gig economy. We believe in small independent repair shops and home-based repair businesses.

We're also a small group that work out of each of our homes.

Our software follows the FREEMIUM model. The free version is perfectly capable and may be all that you need. We will be continuously rolling out premium features to help grow your business.

Feature Included
Monthly repair orders Unlimited
Fast order intake
Customer database
Printable PDF repair order
Track equipment manufacturers
Customize invoice with logo and company info
Manager & employee accounts
Custom repair status
Export data to CSV or XLSX
Pricing Sheet Premium
No Ads Premium
Email Invoice Premium
Store Web Page Premium
Shippo and EasyPost Integration

Purchase and print shipping labels at a huge discount.


New features are launched weekly. Join our Facebook Group to help us build the best repair tracking software in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?
Yes. Sign up for your FREE membership. No strings attached.
If I don't like it, can I take my data with me?
Absolutely. You can export your data to CSV or XLSX.
What made you build this?
Originally we built this for a video game store in New York City. One of the founders used to be a partner in the store but left the partnership to become a full-time programmer. Although it was built for one store, we believe it can help all independent repair businesses.
It doesn't exactly suit my needs. Would you modify it?
You can suggest changes, however it doesn't mean we will implement them. Some additional features are in the works but it might be part of a premium package. Feel free to contact us though.
Could I pay you to change something?
Nope. Sorry, you can suggest features but all features we add to the system will be available to everyone. Unless it's useful for everyone we will not put in your one-off request.
I found this useful. How can I contribute?
Please share this with anyone who might enjoy our software. Thank you!

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Our developers are part of our facebook group. They will answer questions and concerns as well as listen to your needs. You can also receive practical advice from our community members.